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How Do I Know If My Car Battery is Dying?

When you notice that your car battery is weak or dying, many functions are compromised, leaving you stranded. However, there are a few warning signs that you can look out for to catch the problem before you cannot start the car because of a completely dead battery.

Commonly people come across with problems that their car fails to start up, even after you’ve tried multiple times. Other indications include dimming headlights and an exterior or interior light, which come on when you open a door. If you suddenly notice a problem with the electrical system and act wrong, maybe it is time to buy a new battery.

Another key indicator of poor or dying battery is starting issues in cold weather. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to check your battery.

Besides, you can test your car battery by seeing if it holds a charge. If it doesn’t do it, the battery is likely dying, and you even should replace it.

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What causes a car battery to die?

A wide variety of things can cause a battery to die, but age is one of the most common. All models of car batteries have a lifespan, and if you don’t replace them when it’s time, they will eventually die. Other causes of battery death include leaving your lights on for an extended time, using aftermarket parts that require more power to start your engine.

Environmental factors also affect battery life, such as heat and cold. For example, almost all batteries produce more power when cold and less power when they are hot. So when your car sits for several days in summer heat or winter cold, the battery cannot have enough power to start the car.

Another reason that comes into play is the type of your car battery. For example, using lead-acid batteries is less expensive, and they may offer more power but die sooner than lithium car batteries.

Warning Signs Your Car Battery is Dying

How can I prevent dying of a car battery?

You can use several different options that will help you to do it. First, ensure that you maintain a battery correctly. You should pay attention to terminals. They must be clean and corrosion-free. If corrosion is built upon your battery terminals, it can cause the death of the battery.

However, please don’t leave them on when you turn off the car. It also can drain the car’s battery. Try to turn off all of your car’s lights and some other accessories before you are going to turn off the engine.

Third, try not to use accessories like the heater or the air-conditioning too much; they drain the battery faster.

Besides, it will be better if you try not to sit your car idle for a long time as this can also cause the battery to die.

Finally, use a smart charger rather than a trickle charger. A smart charger monitors and adjusts the power of your battery. It helps to keep it from overcharging and avoid damaging the battery cell. As for the trickle charger, they do not have this feature and, as a result, can damage your battery.

What to do if a car battery starts dying?

If you suddenly notice that your car battery is starting to die, you should try to do a few things to help you save it. First of all, be careful with using any unnecessary electrical devices in your car. If it is possible, try to turn off all of them, including, for example, your radio, air conditioning, and lights. If you want to use the air conditioning, you can always do it, but only after starting the car. It gives a possibility to charge the car by driving down the road for a few minutes.

If your battery starts dying, there is also a chance it could be because you need a recharge.

If you are experiencing problems with your car battery, always consult a professional. They will help you determine if they can save the battery or if you need to start looking for a new one.
Most experts argue that replacing car batteries is an excellent choice every three years. But, of course, it depends on the season and climate. Try to monitor it, and if your car doesn’t seem to hold a charge like it used to, there’s a good chance that the battery is weak and needs replacement.

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