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Can you use a regular battery charger on an AGM battery

The main operation in battery care technology is recharging. Remotely, it cannot be produced without a special charger that supplies a certain voltage and current to the battery terminals. For each type of power source, there is an individual charging technique that provides for strictly standardized modes.

Features of AGM batteries

The fact of inadmissibility of storage of an AGM product in a discharged state (minimum voltage is less than 10.5 V) should not cause concern. Firstly, the direction for how to charge an AGM battery with a conventional charger has been carefully worked out, and secondly, the battery allows about 200 deep discharge cycles without loss of performance.


High-quality maintenance of the car battery is impossible without the best agm battery charger. A primitive appliance converts alternating current into direct current and lowers the voltage to acceptable values. Distinguish between transformer and pulse memory.

Pulse charger

For a safe charge of the AGM should choose a pulse charger. They allow you to work in automatic mode and give out small current pulses. When choosing a model, consider the following recommendations:

  • The presence of manual current adjustment.
  • Equipped with an integrated output voltage regulator.
  • Preset indicators of electrical characteristics.
  • The ability to activate the automatic shutdown function.

Regular charger

Charging an AGM battery with a conventional charger is possible only in the mode of recharging the charge from 75% to 100% level (12.45V). Deeply discharged instances are restored only with automatic chargers. It is advisable to purchase models with intelligent control designed to perform the task of how to charge the AGM battery from various manufacturers. Preferred are products with a built-in three-stage charging program on board.

The maximum voltage during charging should not exceed 14.8V. The current strength at each stage is different and depends on the degree of discharge of the battery, as well as the specific recharging technology. A full recharge is necessary when the voltage at the terminals 12.2V is reached.


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