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How to increase towing capacity

If you have a car, truck or SUV and need to tow something heavy sometimes, then you know the pain of not having enough power.The good news is that there are a few simple ways to increase your vehicle’s towing capacity. Today we’re going to talk about six different techniques for increasing your vehicles’ towing capacity so you can get that trailer hooked up and on the way with ease!

Ways to increase towing capacity

Larger fuel tank

One of the easiest ways to increase towing capacity is by installing a larger fuel tank in your car, truck or SUV. This will give you an extra 50% more power for those times when you need it most!

Installing the right type of hitch

If you have a pickup truck, then installing an aftermarket hitch kit is the way to go! This will provide your vehicle with additional power through adding suspension upgrades and heavy-duty parts that are specifically designed for hauling heavier loads safely.

–°ustomize vehicle programmer

If you don’t want to install a new engine, then try customizing your vehicle programmer. This will increase the power of your car or truck without having to spend money on an expensive upgrade. And best of all, you can do it yourself! You’ll just need a few tools and parts from any auto store near you so no one can mess with it.

increase towing capacity

Replacing your current axles

If you’re not interested in paying for a new engine, then replacing your existing axles may be the route to take. This is as easy as swapping out one axle with another and it’s an inexpensive way to increase power on any vehicle!

Upgrade the braking system

Stopping can be a problem when towing serious loads. When towing heavy loads, it can be difficult to stop the vehicle in a short amount of time. The best way is by upgrading your braking system for more power and better stopping distance!

Installing a larger engine

The last way to increase your vehicle’s towing capacity is by installing a larger engine in the car, truck or SUV. This will cost you some money upfront but can provide years of increased power and better performance!

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