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How To Clean A Ceramic Coated Wheel?

It is a question that comes up very often. Several different brands and types of wheel protection are available on the market. The most popular one is ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coated wheel is made of the same material alloys used for regular cast aluminum alloy wheels. They are plated with a ceramic layer on top of it to avoid corrosion and oxidation issues. Like any other part, the ceramic-coated wheel can get oxidized and dirty over time. When this happens, the “natural” properties of the ceramic make it difficult to clean! Regular car wash soap becomes useless at that point.

What is the best way to clean ceramic-coated wheels?

Since ceramic wheel coating is a relatively new product, the challenge to develop the best way to care for it is ongoing. Some products are available on the market, but more research is being done every day. The most important thing in caring for a ceramic wheel is to remove contamination before it can cause problems. Below are some tips that will help you keep your wheels clean and shiny.

The best way is to wash your car according to the regular schedule with a quality car shampoo. Your wheels will stay cleaner and last longer when using quality car shampoo, a high-quality sealant, and the right tools for the job. You should take care not to use strong degreasing products as they can strip your coating too, but if they are thoroughly rinsed off, they shouldn’t cause any problems.

Maintaining the gloss of your ceramic coating will also depend on the amount of polishing you do in your regular wash routine. However, even though most ceramic coatings are scratch resistant, you should avoid rubbing the wheels too hard with a towel to remove brake dust or mud. It’s best to use an extra soft microfiber cloth for this task, and some detail spray on it will also do the job.

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How to avoid damage to ceramic coated wheels when cleaning?

It would help if you always started cleaning from the top of the wheel down when dealing with tire dressing or any other contamination. Also, you should avoid using any harsh chemicals, which would damage your coating. Besides, when washing the ceramic coated wheels, don’t allow detergents to dry on them because if left too long, it can etch into your coating and cause permanent damage.

So some wheel cleaners can strip your coating if they are not thoroughly rinsed off, so make sure you don’t use too much of it. After washing the wheels, rinse them thoroughly and dry them with a soft towel.

If your car is not driven often, water can collect in crevices and allow rusting to begin. The best way to avoid this is to use a tire cleaner containing iron remover to clean the wheels every month. It will remove the particles that are causing the oxidation process in wheels.

If there is visible brake dust or other dirt on the wheel, you should use a medium bristle wheel brush. It will prevent damage to the coating.

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