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Best Foam Gun Without Pressure Washer Reviews

Do you see no point in investing in an expensive pressure washer for tidying up your car at home? After all, there is a more budget-friendly yet equally effective method to wash your vehicle.

So, I will take a closer look at the best foam guns without pressure washer as a decent car cleaning alternative. These tools are connected to the garden hose and generate thick foam, which loosens and removes accumulated dirt. As you use car foaming guns, you get a delicate and deep cleaning effect while preventing scratches or swirl marks.

But here is a trick. There are a myriad of options on the market, and you might be wondering which product would meet your needs and expectations better. Luckily, there is no reason to feel perplexed. I have already done the homework for you and picked the most attractive options for this review.

Our pick
best foam guns without pressure washer
Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster 6
Best foam guns without pressure washer
Using the power of your garden hose, the Foam Blaster 6 Foam Gun creates super suds that help loosen dirt, road grime, and filth for a perfect washing experience.

How I picked and tested foam guns without pressure washer

In this foam gun without pressure washer review, I will share my first-hand experience of using every item from the list below so you can decide which would be up to your needs and budget.

I filled up the car soap I’ve been using for ages. That allowed me to be fair in my verdicts and be able to focus on the results of the foam gun instead of the cleansing material.

When estimating the items, I considered the reliability of the construction and how they disperse foam. I also paid attention to how simple they are in use.
how i tested foam guns without pressure washer

Best foam guns without pressure washer reviews

Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster 6 – best overall

Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster 6

Remove dirt, grime, and grease from your vehicle without grinding it into paintwork with Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster 6.

This foam gun features a 32 oz bottle that allows you to mix the perfect amount of water and car soap to generate thick foam that would gently break down stuck-on dirt without scratching the vehicle’s paintwork or installing swirls.

The Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster 6 is similar to the FoamKing gun in its ability to adjust foam concentration. To adjust the dilution ratio of suds, simply turn the dial. Quick connection fittings are made of brass, so they are meant to be rust-resistant. The foam nozzle, hose nozzle, and bottle look sturdy, so the foam gun will serve you for a long time.

Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster 6 photo

Thanks to the quick-connect attachment, this foam gun is fairly easy to use. But the fitting between the hose nozzle and the foam gun leaks. Water sprays in different directions, so this fact would increase the volume of soap you will need to clean your car.

The Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster 6 is the best foam gun without a pressure washer as it allows adjusting of the foam concentration. The build quality is high, and you can easily wash the car by attaching the item to the garden hose.

Key specs

  • Adjustable foam concentration: yes
  • Bottle capacity, oz/l: 32/0.94
  • Weight, lbs/kg: 2/0.9


  • Solid plastic and brass fittings for increased longevity
  • 32-oz bottle for holding enough water and soap mix
  • Adjustable foam concentration for different needs
  • Quick-connect attachment for ease of use.


  • Leaks after several uses
  • Might require more soap than you expect.



If you would like to effectively wash your car at home without a foam cannon and without a pressure washer, the FoamKing spray is a good choice for you.

The distinctive feature of the FoamKing foam gun lies in the availability of the bottle fill lines that would give you hints on how much soap and water to mix. Chemical Guys, its rival, doesn’t have this peculiarity. In other terms, these two products are nearly identical. The FoamKing item offers six foam output adjustment modes, so you can regulate how thick suds should be.

This tool features a precision fit rubber seal for leak-proof connection. While the gun’s body is made of plastic, the critical fittings are produced of brass.

FoamKing photo

The quick disconnect works great and allows you to use the gun for rinsing the car without the need to unscrew the container. The FoamKing sprays a good coating of suds, but over the use, I noticed that the sprayer burrell started to rust. It also doesn’t turn off the water completely anymore as you release the handle.

The FoamKing is a reliable and quality foam gun that supplies plenty of suds to quickly and easily remove the stuck-on dirt from your vehicle.

Key specs

  • Weight, lbs/kg: 1.43/0.64


  • Produces plenty of suds
  • Six levels of foam concentration regulation
  • Bottle with fill lines to know how much water and soap exactly to use
  • The rubber seal for a leak-free washing experience.


  • Some metal parts rust over time
  • Issues might occur with the water release mechanism.

Adam’s Standard Foam Gun

Adam’s Standard Foam Gun
Quickly foam down your car with the Adam’s Standard Foam Gun that would loosen dirt from your paintwork without any damage to the surface.

This foam gun has a lighter weight compared to McKillans because it has no steel or metal hardware, so this might give you an advantage if you plan to use the tool for a long time. The whole construction is made of plastic, which will provide years of use if maintained properly.

The Adam’s Standard Foam Gun has three different metering tips, which you’ve got to replace if you want to control the foam flow strength. That’s an inconvenient solution and involves that you’ve got to keep all three tips at hand as you wash the car.

Adam’s Standard Foam Gun photo

The foam gun did some good job for the first time but then started spraying water in all directions, including on me. I ended up being all wet after the car wash.

All flaws aside, the Adam’s Standard Foam Gun can be a good solution if you do not plan to use the foam sprayer much. It might be a good choice for using the item from time to time.

Key specs

  • Adjustable foam concentration: yes
  • Bottle capacity, oz/l: 32/0.94
  • Weight, lbs/kg: 1.81/0.82


  • Lightweight for fatigue-free use
  • Supplies thick foam
  • Made of durable plastic.


  • Requires manually changing metering tips for regulating the foam thickness
  • Sprays water all over the place overuse.



The McKillans will help you quickly cover your vehicle with thick foam to break down dirt or grime.

The construction of the McKillans foam gun is well-made. Unlike the Adam’s Standard Foam Gun, which is entirely made of plastic, this item has brass and stainless steel connectors to stand even heavy use. The plastic bottle is partially translucent, so you can see the remaining soap mix in the bottle.

Similar to Adam’s Standard item, this one also has three included inserts for regulating the foam. I tried them all, and they made no difference. The suds are poor, so you may need to use a lot of soap to get the desired soapy effect.

McKillans photo

The quick disconnect works fine due to the rubber grip. There is almost no leaking which is a common problem for Adam’s Standard foam guns.

McKillans is a decent foam gun for car wash if you do not want to bother yourself with using a bucket for tidying up your car.

Key specs

  • Weight, lbs/kg: 2.4/1.08


  • Reliable stainless steel and brass connectors
  • Well-operating quick disconnect
  • Doesn’t leak much.


  • Produces poor foam, so require a lot of soap
  • Included insects for foam control don’t make any difference.

Foam gun without pressure washer buying guide

As you are choosing between car foaming spray guns, you want to be certain you find the best compromise between the set budget and quality.

So, first of all, carefully estimate the quality of the build. Most foaming guns without pressure are made of plastic, but some brands use more durable plastic than others. So, sturdy plastic is more likely to prolong the lifespan of the item. Besides, check whether metal parts join the assembly for advanced durability and leak-free use experience. The same goes for other fittings – they should be secured tightly and be reliable.

If you would like to have control over the flow of suds, you’ve got to keep the adjustability of the foam gun in mind. Tools with adjustable sprays allow obtaining the desired foam thickness to deal with different car surfaces and dirt.

How to use a foam gun without a pressure washer?

To make your vehicle look like a brand new one and get rid of dirt, follow these simple steps:

  1. Rinse your car with water to remove debris or grime.
  2. Fill the soap canister: add fresh water and 1-3 oz of your favorite car soap.
  3. Attach the foam blaster to the garden hose attachment.
  4. Turn the water on and cover your vehicle with foam to clean up the dirt from the surface.
  5. Mind water pressure as you foam the car up. You may want to adjust it depending on how dirty your vehicle is.
  6. Let it sit for several minutes and rinse the foam off.


What is the difference between a foam gun and a foam cannon?

The difference is the size of the nozzle and how much pressure they put out. A foam cannon uses a large nozzle that usually is not adjustable and puts out more pressure than what you find on a foam gun. A foam gun will use an adjustable tip and put out less pressure than what you find on a foam cannon. We are beginning to find that all of our new foam cannons are adjustable at the nozzle, whereas before, they were not.

Can you use any soap in a foam gun?

You will get the best results if you use shampoo or car wash soap in your foam gun. If you only have dish soap available, it may work, but we would recommend using real soapy water for your application.

What can happen if not enough soap is used during a foam car wash?

If you do not have enough soap in your bucket, it will be difficult for the water to break down and encapsulate the dirt properly. This means that you will still have a dirty vehicle after rinsing.

What effect does water pressure have on a foam gun?

Water pressure will increase the amount of soapy water dispersed out of your nozzle. The higher the pressure, the more soap it puts out. This is why if you go to a professional car wash where they use a foam cannon, it looks like a snow cone because there is so much soap being put out.

Is a foam gun without a pressure washer worth it?

If you do not have a pressure washer, it is worth it. You can use your garden hose to power the foam gun, and the results will be better than what you would get if you had used your spray nozzle on your hose.
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