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How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

We often come across this question. But, unfortunately, like all other products, a ceramic coating will wear out. It is especially true when you use your car daily. Even the most durable coatings won’t last forever under these conditions, especially if we’re talking about wheel coatings.

Besides, it was found out that different types of ceramic coatings can have different lifespans. Usually, the ceramic coating should last from a year up to 5 years, depending on the quality of the coating and how often you drive your car. In addition, suitable ceramic coatings will not scratch easily.

What is the ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a multi-layer thin film applied to any material’s surface. The essential components are ceramic, metal, and resin materials. Ceramic has excellent corrosion resistance, scratch proof, abrasion-proof properties, which are well-matched with paint films. When coated well on the car surface, these films have a “wet” look. The paint film has excellent adhesion to the base material, good hardness, chemical stability, and is highly durable.

So what are the main types of ceramic coating?

Let’s define the various types of ceramic coatings. There are three main types of ceramic coatings you need to know about:

Ceramic Pro

It is a tough ceramic coating that can protect car surfaces from daily wear and tear. It’s the easiest to apply, but it doesn’t last as long as other options.

Ceramic Coating

It is a more durable option than Ceramic Pro, intended to last up to 3 years. It includes a chemical bond to fill in the pores of your car’s paint. This type of coating is a good option for those looking for more durability.

Ceramic Nano

The most durable ceramic coating is designed to last six years or longer. The difference between Ceramic Nano and other options is that it bonds with the top layer of your car’s paint and fills in the surface for a smooth feel.
ceramic coating process

When should I change a ceramic coating?

There are some changes, which indicate that you need to change the coating:

  1. Water spots have started to appear on your car, even after using a waterless wash and a cold wash. It is because the outer protective layers of the coating have been compromised, and it needs a re-application.
  2. Your car paint has dulled, or the shine has disappeared from it. Most of the time, these are areas where you apply your sealant or wax after the coating.
  3. Your coating is no longer protecting your paint from another staining, etching, or bugs.
  4. You see swirl marks on your paint that was not there before you had the coating applied. These are most commonly caused by improper washing and drying methods used during the application process.
  5. You can see fine lines in your coating. It is caused by dirt and grime that has slightly penetrated the outer layer of protection.

How can I increase the durability of ceramic coating?

First of all, clean your car with shampoo and water only. Then, wash off the dust and dirt gathered on your car with a sponge and soapy water.

A good idea is to use a linen cloth to clean your ceramic coating. However, it’s better not to use a brush or hard sponges. The ceramic coating will lose its hardness if rubbed with such a sponge.

The durability of your coating is also related to the temperature and humidity where you keep your car. If it is very cold, the coating may become brittle and crack, and if it is too hot and humid outside, the coating may absorb water quickly, which makes it easy to crack as well. The durability of the coating will be improved if you store your car in a cool and dry place.

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