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Does Iron Fallout Remover Damage Paint?

Many different chemicals are used during the restoration process of a classic car. Some have very positive results, but others may have negative consequences for both the paint and bodywork if not applied correctly or too often or, in some cases, even if they are used as recommended.

One example is iron fallout remover which has been available for years. It’s made of polyphosphoric acid, which is strong enough to remove rust and iron fallout (the orange-red residue left on the paint when you remove dirt with a clay bar). Still, it can also do some severe damage if used above recommended concentrations.

What is iron fallout remover for cars, and how does it work?

Iron fallout remover for cars is an easy-to-use liquid that eliminates rust on the car. It does not leave any residues after removing rust, and it’s very safe to use. Iron fallout remover for cars works by removing rust from metal surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steel, and other types of metal. It is very easy to use and no need for special equipment or additional skills. In addition, it takes a very short time to clear rust on the car.

The active ingredients used are phosphoric acid, amine, and chloride ions. Iron fallout remover works by releasing active oxygen to dissolve the attracting dirt on car paint’s surface, which often causes minor scratches on the outermost layer of car paint.

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How to prevent damage to car paint when using iron fallout remover?

Generally speaking, there are three ways for preventing damage to a car’s paint:

  1. Don’t mix with other chemicals or cleaners before using it. Car manufacturers often state that car paint’s surface is susceptible and need not be mixed with other cleaners or chemicals before using the cleaner.
  2. Use the appropriate quantity of iron fallout remover according to different surface conditions. Generally speaking, it is recommended not more than 5 seconds on the same area to prevent the damage of the car’s paint due to too much active oxygen released by iron fallout remover.
  3. Most importantly, it is recommended to spray car paint’s surface with water and then wipe the dirt and rust off.

How to choose iron fallout remover for a car?

Choosing iron fallout remover for the car is very important because the wrong choice will cause some damage to your car paint. When choosing iron fallout remover for a car, the first factor is the type of paint job on your car. After that, you can choose different products according to different paints.

The second factor is the type of rust on your car. If your car paint has only a small amount of rust, you can use some water-based products that are easy to apply. However, if your cars have a serious rusted surface, please don’t use anything but heavy-duty rust remover.

The third factor is the weather condition in which you will apply the products. If you use it in hot weather, some rust remover will evaporate very quickly and won’t remove all rust from your car.

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