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What Are Ring Pliers For?

An example of ring pliers

Ring pliers are a universal tool that can be used for various jewelry-making tasks. They are most commonly used to open and close jump rings, which are small metal loops used to connect two pieces of jewelry together.

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What Is The Difference Between A Split Ring And A Jump Ring?

What is the difference between a split ring and a jump ring

There are a few different types of rings that you might use. In this blog post, we will explain the difference between a split ring and a jump ring. Both of these rings have their own unique purposes, so it’s important to know which one you need for your project. Stay tuned to learn more!

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Best Hog Ring Pliers Review

hog ring pliers

Have you ever noticed how many items that surround you are crimped with hog rings? Hog clips are used in the upholstery of your sofa; they seal the sausage that you had for breakfast, and even the parts of the wire cage for your pet hold together owing to hog rings.

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What Are Snap Ring Pliers Used For?

What are snap ring pliers used for?

People usually prefer to use snap ring pliers, in any case if they want to install snap rings or remove them. Let’s define what snap ring pliers are.

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How To Use Split Ring Pliers

How to use split ring pliers

Split ring pliers are a specialized type of pliers used to remove and install split rings that are often found on fishing lures, keys, and other small objects. This type of plier has two long, pointed arms with serrated edges that grip the ring securely.

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Best Split Ring Pliers Review

split ring pliers

No matter whether you are a fan of fishing or you need to repair a piece of jewelry, you know that dealing with split rings is not an easy task.

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Best Snap Ring Pliers Review

snap ring pilers

If your daily tasks have anything to do with mechanical work, you probably need a good set of tools to deal with the tasks.

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