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Best Honda CRV Seat Covers Reviews

Of course, you do not fall for the idea that your brand new Honda CRV will last forever. But you want to preserve its initial look as long as possible. That is why you are on the lookout for the best Honda CRV seat covers to protect your vehicle’s interior.

You never know what is waiting for you on your ride. Your kid might split orange juice on the car seat. You might be transporting some furniture pieces that can damage the car’s interior. A lot can happen with your Honda CRV seats unless you use seat covers.

How do you find the ones that fit your factory’s seats? This can be a hard row to hoe, but do not lose your heart. This review will sort things out.

Our pick
Best Honda CRV Seat Cover
Best Honda CRV Seat Cover
The seat of this car is made with four layers of material. The first layer is foam padding. This gives it strength so the seat does not break easily. The second layer is a protective polyester shell which makes the seat water-resistant and easy to clean. The third layer is leatherette, which means that it offers high durability

Honda CRV seat covers comparison table

Material Fit type CRV model years
EKRbest overall Leatherette Custom 2012 – 2022 Review
OASIS AUTO Faux leather Custom 2012 – 2021 Review
INCH EMPIRE Faux leather Universal 2007 – 2018 Review

Best Honda CRV Seat Covers Reviews

EKR Leatherette Custom Fit – best overall


Add some zest to the interior of your Honda CRV and protect your seats from potential damage with EKR seat covers.

These are custom-kit full-set covers, meaning that they were specially designed to fit factory Honda CRV seats, both front and back. They are compatible with 2012-2022 vehicles and repeat the exact specifications of your car seats. There are five color options available: black, beige, black & gray, black & red, black & pink to match the interior of your car perfectly. You will also find headrests both for front and back seats in the set.

Similar to OASIS AUTO, EKR seat covers are made of faux leather. However, this model features a four-layer construction that includes foam padding, leatherette, and a protective polyester shell to ensure enhanced durability.

The installation of these seat covers is not that simple. The company offers video instructions, but they do not help much. So get ready that the installation might take more time than you expect (around two hours or more).

The EKR offers some of the best seat covers for Honda CRV as they are durable, ensure a snug fit, and come in a great selection of color options to spice up your vehicle interior.

Key specs

  • Material: Leatherette
  • Fit type: Custom
  • Model years: 2012 – 2022
  • Color: Black, beige, black/grey black/red black/pink


  • Custom Honda CRV seat covers for front and back seats
  • Include headrests
  • Come in various colors
  • Made of faux leather combined with other protective layers


  • Installation is somewhat cumbersome



Give your car’s interior a stylish upgrade and enhanced protection with these Oasis Auto Honda CRV seat covers.

Being specially designed to fit the seats of 2012-2021 Honda CRVs, these custom covers will be as snug as a glove. They contour every curve and fit every inch of the top and bottom of the seat. You also get a center console and headrest covers to ensure utmost coverage.

Unlike EKR, these Oasis Auto seat covers come in three rich colors: black, orange, and burgundy. These bright colors will brighten up your faded, old interior or carefully protect new seats from any scratches or other damage.

The Oasis Auto covers are made of faux leather that looks sturdy and appealing. It has a strong chemical odor neither.

The installation process might not be as simple as you assume. There are no instructions in the manual, only the reference to YouTube. If you are not a fan of how-to videos, this might add inconvenience. Also, mind that the covers might not be perfectly snug for new models. In some cases, they can be too loose at the top of the seat.

The Oasis Auto seat covers for Honda CRV will shield your factory car seats from damage and add a fresh look inside your car.

Key specs

  • Material: Faux leather
  • Fit type: Custom
  • Model years: 2012 – 2021
  • Color: Black, burgundy, orange


  • Custom-fit for 2012-2021 Honda CRVs
  • Include covers for a center console and headrests
  • Appealing faux leather


  • No installation instructions in the manual
  • Do not fit the newest models snugly at the top



Obtain a refreshed look in your car and enjoy the utmost coverage of factory Honda CRV seats with these Inch Empire covers.

Unlike custom-fit EKR and Oasis Auto, these are universal covers, so they are compatible with other car brands and Honda models. However, mind that this particular set is suitable for Honda CR-V 2007-2018 vehicles. The covers support airbags and seat belt buckles for safe drives.

You can choose between three colors: black grid, gray grid, and black with a red line. The Inch Empire covers are made of synthetic leather with several layers to ensure durability, longer service life, and better performance. The top layer is made of PU leather, which is resistant to wear but is still pleasant to the touch. The center sponge layer keeps the cover in good shape and cushions the sitting experience. The bottom layer features a fabric to protect the factory seats from rubbing. The combination of layers makes these covers waterproof. Even if you or other passengers split something, you will be able to clean the surface easily, and it won’t get wet.

Front seat covers fit the CRVs seats flawlessly. The back seats can be a little tricky. But once you remove the seat and install the cover, you get a perfect fit.

These universal Honda CRV waterproof seat covers will look great inside your car and bring more convenience to car interior maintenance.

Key specs

  • Material: Faux leather
  • Fit type: Universal
  • Model years: 2007 – 2018
  • Color: Black, grey grid, red line


  • Universal covers suitable for CR-V 2007-2018 vehicles
  • Synthetic leather with multiple layers
  • Classic color options to fit your interior
  • Great water resistance


  • Hard to install on back seats

Buying guide

What are universal and custom fit seat covers for CRV?

As you decide to get seat covers for your Honda CRV, you probably want to make sure they perfectly contour the factory-installed seats. That is why knowing the difference between universal and custom-fit covers might be helpful for you.

Universal seat covers are compatible with the general seat style. Thus, they are suitable for various car models instead of a specific vehicle. As a result, they are cheaper but might bring some inconveniences. For example, the universal seat cover can be too loose or too small for your seat. Besides, they might not be compatible with seats equipped with side airbags, headrest, or central console cover. In this way, the useful features of your car become absolutely pointless.

Custom-fit seat covers for CRV, in their turn, are designed with this vehicle model in mind. Thus, they are perfectly tailored to the car’s interior. Moreover, they support side airbags and headrests. But they come at a higher price point, which might be a significant criterion for some drivers.

Are leather/faux leather seat covers good for cars?

There are several popular material options when it comes to seat covers. Leather and faux leather are among them.

Covers made of genuine leather have a rich look and will add natural fragrance to your auto. They are relatively easy to wipe clean as they don’t absorb water easily. In this way, the seat will be dry right after you wipe the liquid. The price might be an issue as Honda CRV leather seat covers can cost thousands of dollars.

Faux leather or leatherette covers are made of vinyl or plastic that simulates the look of genuine leather. Usually, they are more prone to wear and tear. You won’t like the chemical odor either.

There are common disadvantages of genuine and faux leather seat covers. For example, they might be inconvenient during certain seasons (like hot in summer but cold in winter). These materials also get stained easily, which is especially noticeable in light colors. Both leather and leatherette can peel off over time. If you have pets like dogs or cats who are your frequent car passengers, stay away from leather covers as they can easily get scratched.

So, weigh down all pros and cons before you decide if leather/faux leather seat covers are suitable for your situation.


Which color seat cover is best for cars?

The most popular color is black, followed by blue and red. Drivers like these colors because they cover dirt better compared to other colors. Gray is the least preferred color for car seat covers. This is probably due to the fact that gray seats are harder to clean after an incident of spilled coffee or juice on them while still in a parking lot.

Do seat covers ruin seats?

No. Seat covers are designed to fit snugly into your car’s seat without causing harm or damage in any way. They do not affect the performance of the seats, and they don’t cause rips or tears, nor do they have a short lifespan due to age.

What is the best seat cover for hot weather?

Drivers prefer to use leather or suede covers in extremely hot weather. These materials are soft and comfortable. They also offer excellent ventilation, so you don’t feel the heat even if the car has no air conditioning system installed yet.

Do leather seat covers make you sweat?

Leather covers are breathable, but they’re still going to make you sweat a little while you’re driving on a hot summer day.

What is the most durable seat cover material?

Leather and suede are the most durable materials for seat covers. These can withstand a lot of wear and tear without showing signs of premature aging or damage to the surface. It’s best to go for these materials if you want your seat cover to last a long time.

How long does a seat cover last?

Different types of seat covers offer different lifespans. The lifespan will depend on factors such as driving style, car seat cover quality, frequency of cleaning, and climate where the car is being driven in.

One seat cover usually lasts 3-5 years.

How hard are seat covers to install?

Anyone who can use a screwdriver can install seat covers. It usually takes around 30 minutes to easily mount leather or suede seat covers over your car seats.

How to clean car seat covers?

If you want to clean your car seat covers, there are a few things that you can do. You can either use a vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth. If you choose to use a vacuum cleaner, make sure that the suction is set on low and that you use the crevice tool to get into all of the nooks and crannies. If you choose to use a wet cloth, make sure that the cloth is damp and not soaking wet. Wring it out before you start cleaning. Start by cleaning the seats and then work your way up to the headrests and the back of the seat. Be careful not to get any water on the electronic equipment or the upholstery.
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