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Best Retracting Air Hose Reel Reviews

Needless to mention, in case you are a true DIYer, then you certainly are aware of the usefulness of an air compressor for your place. A secure as well as properly arranged workshop environment is a must for the business.

The best air hose reels take care of the usual hassles and hazards to health & security, for instance, the hose that keeps sticking to your legs and other items, causing you to trip, spending a long time to unwind the air hose, along with the tedious rewinding process.

While shopping for a hose reel, please pay attention to the durability of the hose and the reel making certain that they are made of premium materials and have long-lasting qualities. Basically, strong hose reels are supposed to get constructed to serve you for a lifetime.

Get it clear about the fact you will potentially be using the hose reel throughout the years and, therefore, better spend enough money to pick up a decent performing reel.

Our pick
best air hose reel
DeWalt DXCM024-0343
Best air hose reel
The 12 position ratchet gearing lock allows for the hose to be pulled to any length. With the self-leveling system, the hose can be wound up easily.

Best air hose reel reviews

DeWalt DXCM024-0343 – best overall

DeWalt DXCM024-0343

There was only a question of time until DeWalt launched the best air hose reel. Much like a lot of their other products, they came up with a winner in this case, which is fast turning into a favorite model on the scene.

The Dewalt 3/8-inch x 50-foot Double Arm Hose Reel is appropriate for use in industrial, building, or housekeeping settings.

This roll-up hose reel is a game-changer for a couple of reasons. The steel housing ensures it is resistant to shocks and accidents frequently occurring on the job. The 12-way ratchet retraction lets you rewind the hose confidently to a certain length with no stress on your arm. The spring-powered drive provides fast, automatic, and effortless rewinding of the hose.

DeWalt DXCM024-0343 photo

The hose itself is constructed of rubber and performs well at temperatures anywhere from -40F to 150F. Wearing is a frequent complaint associated with rubber hoses; they can become susceptible to damage after a while. Yet, thanks to the 4-reel hose construction, rubbing wear is severely minimized. The negative is that this particular hose bends slightly after prolonged service.

A well-deserved first place for this reel. It is slightly heavier in mass than Giraffe Tools’ TA15 model, and this can be noticeable during setup. The other prominent characteristic is the auto-leveling mechanism that uniformly reels the hose into the reel – a function not frequently seen on reels.

Key specs

  • Length, ft/m: 50/15.2.
  • Lead-in hose, ft/m: 4/1.2.
  • Maximum pressure, PSI : 300.
  • Hose diameter, in/mm: 3/8 / 9.5.
  • Fitting size, in : 1/4 NPT.


  • Highly visible yellow air hose.
  • 12-position locking system.
  • Smart self-leveling feature.
  • Suitable for all-weather use.


  • The hose bends easily.

Giraffe Tools TA15 – budget reel

Giraffe Tools TA15

The AT15B best-retracting air hose reel is delivered with a powder-coated top and a steel air hose reel. It is ISO 9001 accredited, inspected, and licensed, offering the operator a 50-ft. hose measuring 3⁄8 in. thick. Two crush-proof reel tracks aid in routing the hose once it is wound onto the reel, while anti-kink technology eliminates it from waving around on the ground.

The disadvantage of the Giraffe AT15B is that the retractable air compressor hose is pretty short, making it a concern in particular if you suspend your hose reel from the ceiling. Additionally, it has 2 silicone rings on the delivery hose that can be easily over-torqued, resulting in lower airflow through the hose. Additionally, we discovered that the hose commonly sticks to the housing while being pulled in, meaning that you need to push it in manually.

Giraffe Tools TA15 photo

It is worth noting that Giraffe’s product is outfitted with an intelligent two-part closure design, though it still requires a certain effort to learn how to use. Yet, after becoming accustomed to the device, it turns out to be very useful for a swift and effective operation.

The Giraffe TA15B hose reel is the most ideal, reasonably priced pick for occasional users. It will give long service for many years while still being easy on the wallet. But, if you operate 40 hours a week in your shop, you’re probably better off opting for the DeWalt DXCM024-0343.

Key specs

  • Length, ft/m: 50/15.2.
  • Lead-in hose, ft/m: 3.5/1.
  • Maximum pressure, PSI : 300.
  • Hose diameter, in/mm: 3/8 / 9.5.
  • Fitting size, in : 1/4 NPT.


  • Sturdy and high-strength steel frame.
  • Three-point adjustment for the leading arm.
  • Very simple to mount.
  • Affordable option.
  • Ideal for inexperienced mechanics.


  • Not advised for severe conditions.

Goodyear – premium reel


The Goodyear 28287303G leaves every existing air hose reel looking inconvenient by comparison. It is a “quadpod” air compressor hose reel rated for a 3/8″ diameter air hose measuring a respectable 100 feet long. In comparison, the length of this air hose exceeds the space separating two baseball bases by a little bit.

This robust air hose is retained by a deck made of stainless steel.

The Goodyear 28287303G Air Hose Reel is a great fit for usage in professional settings, including small auto repair facilities, auto mechanics departments, garages, and service stations. The exceptionally rugged steel casing and durable ratchet system were built to handle many years of use.

That said, it’s important to indicate that this device is not a wall mount air hose reel. It is mainly made to be set up on the ground and rolled around as necessary. It is stunningly well made and is easy to handle. Having said that, it is significantly costlier and could be somewhat cumbersome to operate in a home workshop.

Goodyear photo

However, a hundred feet is quite likely to cover a lot more ground than your entire walkway. Be careful, your neighbor could request that you share your hose with him!

Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a hose that operates better than the majority of others, holds up longer than the majority of others, plus features a greater length of hose compared to our top-ranked DeWalt DXCM024-0343, then consider this hose!.

Key specs

  • Length, ft/m: 50/15.2.
  • Maximum pressure, PSI : 300.
  • Hose diameter, in/mm: 3/8 / 9.5.
  • Fitting size, in : 1/4 NPT.


  • Unique quad-pod design.
  • Elastic feet for maximum traction.
  • Exceptionally long air hose.
  • Compatible with air and water-based liquids.


  • Might be a bit heavy for weekend do-it-yourselfers.

Milton 2780-50D

Milton 2780-50D

Get your garage neat and organized and remove tripping problems with air hoses with this 1/2″ Milton 2780-50D Air Hose Reel (50 feet). Made to last, this small air hose reel is designed with all-steel construction, a lasting two-arm construction, and a rugged brass build. This all signifies that these are ideal for tackling domestic jobs.

The Milton 2780-50D pneumatic hose reel is rated as one of our absolute favorite selections for roll-up air hose reels. It boasts a robust two-arm steel casing you can attach to the ground, wall, or ceiling, along with an EPDM rubber hose that holds its versatility despite sinking temperatures. Further fortified with a nylon webbing, this hose holds up to over 300 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure. It is simple to attach and comes with keyhole ports. The customizable stopper gives you complete control regarding the length of the hose that unwinds. The connections are rust-resistant and spill-proof, and the half-inch hose is up to 50 feet long.

Milton 2780-50D photo

The one disadvantage we found in using the Milton 2780-50D was that the automatic rewind mechanism simply was not sufficiently strong to handle rewinding the weighty half-inch hose, which meant we had to push it a lot.

This unit is extremely nicely constructed. You only need to have it in your hand to estimate design quality. A superb pick and contrast with the Lincoln 83753, with excellent additional features.

Key specs

  • Length, ft/m: 50/15.2.
  • Maximum pressure, PSI : 300.
  • Hose diameter, in/mm: 1/2 / 12.7.
  • Fitting size, in : 1/4 NPT.


  • Adjustable stop.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-leakage fittings.


  • All automatic retracts are not so powerful.

Lincoln 83753

Lincoln 83753

Remember the vintage firefighter kit we saw as kids? Well, it is back again. The Lincoln 83753 Value Series is famous for its old-school appearance. Here’s some more of what you can look forward to!

The Lincoln 83753 Value Series is an exciting option due to its spring-assisted automatic recoil. As a result, this model is great for either indoor or outdoor use.

However, this is not the primary purchase point. The thing that sets this model really apart is its 5-position adjustable discharge arm. I guess that is the point of its featuring in this review and why you certainly must check it out.

Besides simplifying the complete way, this function signifies not needing a pump to finish the process. Isn’t that a benefit for easy functioning? Absolutely!

Lincoln 83753 photo

One other plus about the Lincoln 83753 Value Series that I can understand is the slotted installation base. This also helps facilitate easier installation. Considering all the models that are currently out there and their technical specifics, I think it’s fair to say that this simplicity of installation was long past due. And if you are looking for ceiling mounted air hose reel, this one is also a great choice.

The Lincoln 83753 Value Series Air Hose Reel is precisely what you’re looking for. Blending the comfort of a previous generation with the user-friendliness of today, who can dislike it?

Key specs

  • Length, ft/m: 50/15.2.
  • Maximum pressure, PSI : 300.
  • Hose diameter, in/mm: 3/8 / 9.5.
  • Fitting size, in : 1/4 NPT.


  • Traditional and trusted design.
  • Guide arm is settable in five settings.
  • Slit socket for convenient installation.


  • Plastic wheels might break quite often.

You may need

ReelWorks – retractable air hose reel without hose


What are the benefits of retractable air hose reels?

Making use of air hose reels to route hoses and power cables properly and thoroughly could keep your garage more secure and streamlined. Hose reels stop hoses and cables from tangling in the workshop and prolong the life of this job-critical equipment fivefold. Even greater, hose reels minimize the potential for tripping accidents that lead to lost work hours and expensive workers’ compensation costs. By storing your hoses appropriately on a hose reel, you’ll maximize operating efficiency and shorten the time needed to service, exchange, and assemble compressed air hoses.

Air hose reel buying guide

Quality of air hose and reel

Consider a supple, heat-resistant, hard-wearing, and built-to-last air hose while shopping for an air hose reel. The majority of models within this review list come with polymer-based hoses designed to fulfill all specifications under most circumstances. Though, you could choose to find air hoses manufactured from rubber, nylon, or in fact, a combination of multiple materials. Among these hoses, composite hoses are often ranked as the most preferable due to the fact that they possess a number of excellent features thanks to the use of various materials.

Leave the fingers of inexpensive, plastic-like hoses by all means. They will crack in the low temperatures and dry out in the high temperatures – therefore, don’t throw your money away on them.

Air hose length

Your tools are of little use if they won’t allow you to accomplish your task. That’s why it’s critical to take careful measurements and make plans to guarantee you’ll have a long enough hose for your workshop. We would also caution you against shopping for a hose that is way longer than you need it to be.

Retracting mechanism

On a compressed air hose reel, the locking mechanism is quite possibly among the top items, as it preserves the needed hose length along with keeping slack to a minimum, and furthermore, it’s the single real “component” next to the frame. In case the spring mechanism is not functioning, the complete tool will not function too.

Air hose reels mounting options

Mounting bracket screw holes on quite a lot of brands are found behind the reel, thus they may be tricky to access, in particular, if you are going to fit the reel to the ceiling. We would advise you to pre-plan where you intend to attach the air hose reel and check that the particular type of reel you wish to install can be fitted in that manner.


What is the best place to mount the air hose reel?

There can be many opinions about where to mount the air hose reel. The proper mounting location will depend on what type of work you do and how much hose you need out at a time.

Do hose reels ruin hoses?

No. Hose reels help prolong the life of your hoses. When reeled, they are less likely to be stepped on or dragged across the pavement.

What is the difference between 1/4 and 3/8 air hose?

3/8 inch is thicker and has less flexibility than 1/4 inch. However, 3/8 air hoses are more difficult to coil up using a hose reel.

Which air hose is better PVC or rubber?

PVC is the cheaper option, but rubber air hoses tend to be more durable.

Which reel is better: hand reel or retractable?

A hand reel is more compact and portable. However, a retractable hose reel can be more convenient to use in many instances.

How to connect an air compressor to a hose reel?

You can easily connect an air compressor to a hose reel. You will need a few accessories such as a quick connector, tubing, and a coupler.
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