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Best Tape Measures for Electrician Review

At some point, all of us have experienced using a bad tape measure: a flimsy dirty blade, a strap not holding onto a magnet, plus a pull length is often too short for the job to be done.

The best tape measures for electricians, on the other hand, is really a tiny piece of heaven – it unwinds and rewinds fast and without a hitch, has a great length, and can be readily fastened to a variety of things. Poor tape measures, meanwhile, are impossible to roll up by themselves or simply do not hold up for a long time. Well, no thanks.

In order to make it simple for you to distinguish the positive from the negative, I have tested the best tape measures. So let’s get right to it with the reviews.

Our pick
best tape measure for electrician
Stanley FatMax 33-725
Best tape measure for electrician
FATMAX® Classic Tape Measure will fit your tool belt, your hand, and the job.

Best tape measure for electrician reviews

Stanley FatMax 33-725 – best overall

Stanley FatMax 33-725

Our firm preference on the market is the FatMax tape measure from Stanley since this particular piece of equipment mixes an affordable price with stunning practicality. Thus, this tape measure has a distance of 11 feet, which makes it much easier to read the measurement as it remains rigid.

It also features bolt center readings for either 16″ or 19.2″, meaning it’s perfect to use when you will be operating between wall panels. There are multiple layers of coating on the blade, one of which is the Mylar polyester that extends along the full length to maximize durability.
In an effort to fortify the blade further, the first three meters are finished with a BladeArmor coating to save the part that is used most often. The spring in this tape measure is heat-treated, enhancing its longevity and maintaining the blade’s recoil gentle.

Stanley FatMax 33-725 photo

Just to show you the level of confidence Stanley holds in the quality of its items, the FatMax tape measure is backed by a comprehensive lifelong guarantee. By the same length as Milwaukee 48-22-0325, FatMax is much lighter and more comfortable with a longer reach.

The Stanley FatMax is the best tape measure for electricians. Combining durability with ease of use, this Stanley tape measure can be used when you are alone due to its stunning 15-meter range. Therefore, without a doubt, just get one of these awesome Stanley tools.

Key specs

  • Length, feet: 25.
  • Blade width, inch: 1.25.
  • Weight, lbs/g: 1.15 / 521.


  • Convenient to read.
  • Comes with an 11-foot boom.
  • Strengthened BladeArmor covering and Mylar film.
  • Heavy-duty, heat-treated spring.


  • Comes with the imprint on the blade.

Komelon MagGrip Pro 7125 – budget tape measure

Komelon MagGrip Pro 7125

If you’re hoping to cut corners on your next tape measure, this competitively priced piece from Komelon delivers nearly all the same functionality offered in pricier options. The overall length of the blade on this one is 25 feet, although it also comes in two other varieties: a compact 16-foot model and a longer 30-foot version.

The catch of this model comes with two ends, which enables you to secure the blade in alternate directions, plus, it is magnetized, facilitating usage if you have nobody to secure it. This high-quality tape measure has also been printed on both sides, meaning you will be able to monitor the length at all times, regardless of the place you are.

Komelon MagGrip Pro 7125 other view

Besides, here are a couple of characteristics turning this tape measure into the sturdiest one out there. This roulette is outfitted with a protective rubberized body that cushions bump and ensures that shocks or crashes won’t harm the inside. To make the blade withstand maximum, it is covered with a layer of nylon. The only concern is that this item doesn’t provide the level of lasting confidence that the FatMax 33-725 does.

The Komelon tape measure offers a full set of capabilities within an affordable package, and it’s also compact and wearable, allowing for convenient transportation.

Key specs

  • Length, feet: 16, 25, 30.
  • Blade width, inch: 1.
  • Weight, lbs/g: 0.5 / 227.


  • Includes printing on both sides.
  • Includes a magnetic clip.
  • The gummed body is drop resistant.
  • Nylon covered blade.


  • Large numbers are not printed on the whole length of the blade.
  • The spring does not last long.

Milwaukee 48-22-0325 – also a great choice

Milwaukee 48-22-0325

This is a standard mid-range 25 ft tape measure. The key feature of this type is the strong magnet mounted on the hook, which enables it to hold tightly in place and carry even the whole weight of tape measure easily.

There’s even a finger stopper near the hook to avoid hurting your fingers when the blade snaps back into the case.

Milwaukee 48-22-0325 photo

To turn this model into the most durable tape measure, the outside of the body is fitted with rubber pads to cushion bumps. However, I had a handful of ranges where I was underwhelmed by this tape measure, among them the heft and mass, along with the shorter reach in comparison to the FatMax.

When longevity is a priority for you, this Milwaukee-style option is the way to go. The tape itself is rugged. Due to its stunning width and protective, tear-proof nylon covering, it is perfectly fine for day-to-day usage.

Key specs

  • Length, feet: 25.
  • Blade width, inch: 1.
  • Weight, lbs/g: 1 / 454.


  • Nylon covered blade.
  • Finger stopper for protection.
  • Rubber guard on the body.


  • Tough.
  • The standout distance is not sufficiently long.

Electrician tape measure buying guide

To decide on the great measuring tape for electricians, you will need to keep a couple of factors in focus. Knowing everything you need about them will allow you to choose wisely.

Tape measure size

A bigger, more stable housing will endure better than a smaller, more portable one most of the time. Although bumps, scratches, and other accidents may occur during use, I would strongly recommend choosing a stronger, more protected tape such as a Milwaukee or Stanley FatMax. If the main priority is strength (the length a tape may be stretched without bending), a wide blade in expert grade (27mm – 32mm) is a go-to.

But if you’re operating in a garage, a big, heavy tape may be an obstacle. If so, we recommend you decide on a handy piece that can fit in your palm.

Tape measure accuracy

Tape measures usually fall into four stages of accuracy. The common off-the-shelf tape measure or one you see in the clearance rack is ” unrated”. In other words, they were not tested against any reputable standard for precision. Even though it is no guarantee of inaccuracy, I strongly advise against using an unclassified ruler for measuring applications that need absolute precision. They are perfectly acceptable for approximate measurements or estimations if a couple of millimeters here or there is no trouble.

Hook type

More affordable tapes usually feature a relatively small, flat end hook that can be placed over an object to allow the user to view the readings from above. Higher priced or specialized tapes may have multi-directional end hooks that allow the user to suspend the tape from objects above, below, and even to the side.

Case and blade materials

In fact, you can find three materials typically used to form tape measure blades (steel, stainless steel, and fiberglass). All of these materials bring their own kinks and properties, thus becoming ideal for certain purposes and not so for others.

Surveying tape measures usually come with two different housing styles. The closed type holds and secures the blade in a convenient, quite rigid case, similar to pocket tape measures. In an open-coil or open-frame tape measure, the blade is wrapped around a spool and open to the surrounding area.

Auto-lock function

The auto-lock mechanism keeps the blade locked automatically, regardless of how long it is out. To insert the blade back into the pouch, the owner must just click/hold the button to unlock the mechanism.


What type of measuring tape is used around electrical equipment?

There are different types of measuring tapes used around electrical equipment, depending on the specific application. For example, cloth or plastic tapes may be used to measure the circumference of an electrical cable, while steel tapes may be used to measure the length of an electrical conduit. In general, however, any type of measuring tape that is durable and weather-resistant can be used for measuring electrical equipment.

What is a Class 1 tape measure?

Class 1 tape measures are often used by carpenters, electricians, and other professionals who need to take accurate measurements of objects. They are also commonly used by do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists. Class 1 tape measures are available in a variety of lengths, ranging from 3 feet (1 meter) to 100 feet (30 meters). Some tape measures also have a built-in level, which can be used to make sure that the measurement is level.

Is fiberglass tape more accurate than steel tape?

The accuracy of a measuring tape is determined by its material, not its type. For example, a steel tape measure is more accurate than a cloth or plastic tape measure. However, a fiberglass tape measure is more accurate than a steel tape measure. This is because fiberglass is less likely to expand or contract in response to changes in temperature and humidity.
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