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How do you pull an engine without a hoist

Every car consists of multiple elements, which can wear out over time. If you are interested in repairing your vehicle on your own, you need to buy lots of different tools to handle various types of breakages.

Sometimes, car owners are looking for alternative, budget-friendly methods of how to fix the failure without investing in professional instruments. The most frequent Google query is how to remove an engine without a hoist. If you are one of those looking for an in-depth guide on this topic, the info below may be of great help.

Remove a Car Engine Without a Hoist


Find a level surface and park your car on it. Remember to use a parking brake, then open the hood.


Detach inner elements, such as battery cables, a battery, the wiring harness, the fuel line, the power steering lines, a radiator, and actually everything that blocks access to an engine. You may need to use a wrench and a screwdriver to disconnect some components, while others can be easily removed with a hand.


Take a jack and put it under the car’s chassis in the front. Start raising the car until it gets to the position when you can freely work under it. To create safe working conditions, remember to locate jack stands under the chassis. Loosen the retaining bolts at the rear universal joint to disconnect a drive shaft. Take the joint out.

Now you need to pull the driveshaft out. At this point, draining oil is likely to flow out, so place a catch pan under the transmission tail shaft to collect it. Remove the jack stands to return the vehicle to its regular position.


Now you need to take out the front cross member mounting bolts and the front brake lines. Once you’re done, you’ll see an engine. Ask your friends to put a jack on one side of a car while you are doing the same manipulations on the other side.

Start raising a car simultaneously on both sides. Thus, you’ll have the front suspension, cross member, and engine removed as one whole. Move the body of a car to the empty space and lower it. Put jack stands under the suspension. Undoubtedly, this is a really cool way of how to lift an engine without using a hoist

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