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How To Use Split Ring Pliers

Split ring pliers are a specialized type of pliers used to remove and install split rings that are often found on fishing lures, keys, and other small objects. This type of plier has two long, pointed arms with serrated edges that grip the ring securely.

It’s a handy tool to have in your fishing or toolbox. You may also use it to open and close split rings, which are small rings typically used to attach charms or pendants to bracelets, necklaces, or keychains. If you are new to split ring pliers, read on for more information.

To use split ring pliers, first, insert the pointed end of the pliers into the split ring. Make sure that the jaws of the pliers are closed, then squeeze them together to close the ring. If you find that the split ring is too tight to close with your hands, use your other hand to help push down on the pliers while you squeeze. Once the ring is closed, you can remove it from the object it is attached to. We advise to grip the split ring between the two jaws of the pliers, and not on the sides of the jaws. This will ensure a good grip and prevent the split ring from slipping out.

Proper Ways To Use Split Ring Pliers

How to install a split ring

To install a split ring, hold the object in one hand and the pliers in the other. Insert the tips of the pliers into the open end of the split ring and squeeze the handles together. This will insert the split ring onto the object.

When using split ring pliers, make sure that the jaws are lined up with the split ring. If they are not lined up correctly, you will not be able to close the ring properly. It is also important to use caution when squeezing the pliers together, as too much pressure can damage the split ring.

If you need to open the ring again, simply open the jaws of the pliers and release the ring. Be careful not to lose the ring when doing this! Also, remember to always close the jaws of the pliers completely before releasing the ring, or you may lose it.

If you are using split ring pliers for the first time, it may take a bit of practice to get the hang of it. But once you are familiar with how they work, they can be a very handy tool to have. Thanks for reading

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