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Best Split Ring Pliers Review

No matter whether you are a fan of fishing or you need to repair a piece of jewelry, you know that dealing with split rings is not an easy task. You can try to open a split ring with your fingers or a screwdriver, but you are likely to damage your nails as a result, so I would recommend you to pay attention to the best split ring pliers that will help you cope with this task within a few seconds.

Split rings are generally needed for connecting small parts or objects together. They are commonly used in jewelry making, fishing, and even for connecting keys to a keychain or a keyholder. Сonsequently, split ring pliers are an instrument that enhances the task of opening split rings. These pliers have one longer jaw that overlays the shorter jaw and are easy to use.

Our pick
best split ring pliers
Xuron 496
Best split ring pliers review
Features a curved catch tip that opens ring then securely grasps it, simplifying installation.

Best split ring pliers reviews

Xuron 496 – best overall

Xuron 496

If you look for an ergonomic split ring tool that can be used for multiple purposes, rivet your attention on Xuron 496. The pliers can be applied in such spheres as electrical, jewelry-making, and manufacturing.

This 7,5 inches long tool weighs only 2.46 ounces and is made of high-end steel with blue rubber handles for a sturdy grip. The item is very convenient, and you can use it for work with all sizes down to 00. Xuron 496 is comfortable to use owing to a spring-loaded mechanism that keeps the handles open.

In comparison with Kastking Cutthroat, these pliers do not come with a custom-molded sheath, and a lanyard is also not included. Xuron 496 handles have a smooth texture, while the rival has handles with finger grooves.

Xuron 496 other view

I liked the quality of the product, and I can say that these pliers can be used for opening small, medium, large, and even thick, heavy-duty split rings for fishing lures. The handles are well-padded, but unfortunately, the pliers spread fishing split rings out to the point they no longer stay closed.

In general, Xuron 496 is the overall best split ring tool of high quality that can be used even for opening the strongest split rings.

Key specs

  • Material: alloy steel
  • Weight, lbs/g: 0.15/70


  • Can be used for versatile purposes
  • Well-padded handles for sturdy grip
  • Equipped with a spring
  • Convenient for all the sizes down to 00.


  • Split rings would not close all the way back.

Texas Tackle 30100 – small

Texas Tackle 30100

In case you do not have to open heavy-duty split rings, you will satisfy your needs with Texas Tackle 30100. This item is made of surgical stainless steel, while the orange handles are produced of slip-resistant plastic for enhanced grip. The pliers are only 5 inches long, and yet they are loaded with a spring that keeps the handles open. The item is easy to use even when your hands are wet, and that is usually the case when you go fishing.

The product can be mainly used as fishing equipment as it can handle salty water, but you can use it for jewelry making as well. Owing to its small size, you will definitely find enough space for the item in your tackle box.

Texas Tackle 30100 works well on small and medium-size rings, while Xuron 496 can deal even with large and heavy-duty split rings owing to its size and durability.

Texas Tackle 30100 other view

I believe that these pliers are really comfortable to use, as they split the ring apart and allow you to grab and twist it as you remove or add a hook. Once I had to open a large split ring, and I could cope with the task only when I used a screwdriver to help install it. The only flaw that I found was an off-centered spring that was a little rough and catchy.

All in all, Texas Tackle 30100 are small split ring pliers that you can mostly use for opening small through medium size split rings.

Key specs

  • Material: surgical stainless steel
  • Weight, lbs/g: 0.13/60


  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Slip-resistant handles
  • Can handle salty water.


  • Not appropriate for large split rings
  • Off-centered spring.

Caffox – budget


When you need a tool for jewelry-making, I can assure you that you will love Caffox, and now I will tell you why. This reasonably-priced item comes with a set of approximately 700 pieces of split rings together with split ring pliers. Such a set is a real boon for bracelets and necklaces as it includes nickel-free split rings in gold and silver colors and in 3 sizes – 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.

Split ring pliers are 5.5 inches long and are made of alloy steel, while the blue handles are made of plastic. Even though the main function of this set is jewelry making, the item is still multifunctional as you can apply it while opening not only split rings but even keyrings and fishing lures. This set comes with a plastic container in which you can store all the split rings. They are already sorted according to their sizes and colors.

Even though both Caffox and Texas Tackle 30100 are of similar size and have a spring-loaded mechanism, the handles of the latter are smooth, while the rival has textured handles for better grip.

Caffox other view

Unfortunately, the pliers turned out to be pretty weak and started to rust after the first contact with water, so I would not recommend them for fishing.

Briefly, Caffox is a great product for jewelry-making, especially when the budget is a critical aspect for you.

Key specs

  • Material: alloy steel
  • Weight, lbs/g: 0.33/150


  • Comes with a set of split rings
  • Perfect for bracelets and necklaces
  • A plastic container is included.


  • Not appropriate for fishing
  • Rust after contact with water.

Kastking Cutthroat – for flishing

Kastking Cutthroat

Are you looking for split ring pliers that would be perfect for fishing? I have no doubt that Kastking Cutthroat will meet all your expectations. These 7 inches long stainless-steel split rings are covered with Teflon coating that provides corrosion resistance and additional safety. You can use this item both in fresh and salty water and be sure that it will not rust.

One of the main advantages of this product is hard tungsten carbide cutters that can effortlessly cut fluorocarbon or braid. The tool is indeed multi-purpose, owing to the design of jaws. You can find these pliers in two designs – a straight nose and a split-ring nose. Orange handles are made of textured rubber for better grip and comfort. The spring-loaded mechanism makes this instrument even more convenient for use.

Compared to Caffox, this item comes with a cover and lanyard, so you can attach it to your belt and be sure that you will not lose it. But the rival comes with a set of split rings that are not included for Kastking Cutthroat.

Kastking Cutthroat other view

I was only disappointed that the handles were pretty weak and would not close properly. While this item is really very convenient for fishing, it is not the best option for jewelry-making or manufacturing.

All flaws aside, Kastking Cutthroat is the best split ring pliers for fishing owing to its design and main features, like corrosion resistance and lanyard.

Key specs

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Weight, lbs/g: 0.57/260


  • Made of stainless steel coated with Teflon
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Hard tungsten carbide cutters
  • Comes with a sheath and lanyard.


  • Weak handles that would not close properly
  • Not designed for jewelry making.
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Split ring pliers buying guide

There are a few criteria to consider when you try to choose the best split ring pliers. First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the jaws. Ideally, they have to be made from tungsten as this metal makes the product durable. I am sure you will enjoy a universal tool that can be used for several purposes, like cutting the fishing nets or connecting the hooks to the fishing baits.

It goes without saying that the quality of the material determines the robustness of the unit. Pliers for fishing have to be produced from rust-resistant material like stainless steel that is resistant to salty water. The item should have a lanyard hole to attach to your belt.

The quality of the handle is as important as the quality of jaws because you will not want to feel the fatigue in your hands while using the pliers. If you choose a product that has rubber handles with finger grooves, you can be sure that it will enhance the grip.

Please rivet your attention to the spring-loading mechanism when you try to choose the right tool. The spring prevents you from getting hand fatigue because you will not need to open handles each time.

How to use split ring pliers?

You will learn to use split ring pliers immediately because it is really as easy as ABC. What you have to do is just put a split ring against the straight jaw and then close the handles. The ring will be opened by a hooked perpendicular jaw. If you are afraid to damage the object, you can apply the second pair of pliers. Once you remove the pliers, the split ring will close automatically.

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Do I need different size split ring pliers?

No, you don’t need different size split, ring pliers. Any size should work fine as long as they’re the right type of pliers (ie. have a split ring-opening). If you have smaller rings, it might be helpful to use smaller pliers so that you have more control and can avoid pinching the ring shut.

Can I open a split ring without split ring pliers?

Yes, you can open a split ring without split ring pliers, but it’s not easy. You can use needle-nose pliers or a flathead screwdriver to pry open the ring, but it takes a lot of force and can be difficult to do without damaging the ring. If you don’t have any other option, you can try using your teeth, but this is not recommended as it can be easy to damage your teeth or gums.

What is the difference between a split ring and a jump ring?

A jump ring is a type of ring that has a closed-loop on one end and an open loop on the other. This makes it easy to attach multiple rings together or to chain different pieces of jewelry together. A split ring is a type of ring that is permanently opened, which means it can’t be attached to other rings. This makes it ideal for use as a key ring or for attaching charms to a bracelet or necklace.
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