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Can You Use Any Soap In a Foam Gun

When it comes to washing your car, there are a lot of different options available to you. You can use a traditional bucket and hose, or you can go all out and purchase a foam gun. But what if you’re not sure which soap is best to use in your foam gun? Will any soap work, or do you need something special? Keep reading to learn more.

Is it possible to use a foam gun with any soap?

The short answer is no. Most car soaps are not formulated for use in a foam gun and will clog your nozzle, rendering it useless. In order to get the best results from your foam gun, you’ll have to purchase a special type of soap that’s been formulated for this purpose.

When choosing a soap to use in a foam gun, pick one with a medium-to-thick consistency — runny soaps won’t work at all! It should have plenty of suds when mixed correctly and rinses away easily. You can often tell if soap has these characteristics just by reading the label on the package — look for words like “suds up” or “rich foam.”

use any soap in a foam gun

Is dish soap ok to use in a foam gun?

No! Dishwasher detergents often have degreasing agents inside them to help break down grease and remove baked-on food from plates, meaning they aren’t safe for washing cars. In addition, some dishwasher detergents contain brightening agents that can strip wax from your car’s finish. Dish soaps also tend to be very thin, meaning they won’t work well with most foam guns.

If you want to go the inexpensive route and use a top-loading washing machine to wash your vehicle, there’s nothing wrong with using this as a pre-soak, but we wouldn’t suggest putting it in your foam gun!

Can I use baby shampoo in my foam gun?

Baby shampoos are typically gentle cleansers that don’t contain any harsh chemicals. This makes them perfectly safe for washing your car with. However, just because they’re not harsh doesn’t mean you use them! Baby shampoo does not contain any sudsing agents, which means you won’t get that rich foam with your soap. If you’re using a traditional hose nozzle instead of a foam gun, this probably won’t matter. But if you use it in your foam gun, all you’ll end up is a bunch of soap scum on your car’s paint!

any soap in a foam gun

Do you have to use a special soap for a foam cannon?

If you use a commercial product make sure it doesn’t have any petroleum distillates in it. That stuff will break down silicone nozzles and seals. Especially avoid Clorox — that’s 100% pure bleach, which is very hard on the plastics used in foam guns. In fact, just stay away from brands that use “X” as anything other than a placeholder for an unknown ingredient.

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What are the benefits of using soap in my foam gun?

Using special soap in your foam gun allows you to create bigger bubbles than traditional car washes allow for because these soaps are designed to break down more easily. This means when you spray them, they’ll be much softer on your paint, which will help preserve the wax or sealant on it. The best part is that you can use less soap than you would if you were using a traditional hose nozzle, saving you money in the long run!

Can I reuse my foam gun soap?

As long as your soap doesn’t contain any bleach or degreasers, it’s usually safe to re-use it. If it’s not foaming up properly when shampooing, this means there is something inside the soap that isn’t water-soluble and needs to be removed before it can be used again. Run some clean water through your foam gun until your stream comes out clear, then you should have no problem with reusing your soap.

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