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Best Engine Stands

If you plan to service your car by yourself or would like to provide mechanic services, you are probably searching for the best engine stands.

The engine stand is a heavy construction meant to lift the engine of the car, truck, bike, or any other machinery off the ground so you can access certain engine areas from the desired angle. An average engine stand can safely lift as much as 700 pounds, allowing you to get in the engine and make repairs. But you can also use this tool for storing your motor on it when it is not in use.

But narrowing down your choice to the suitable engine stand can be easier said than done. Numerous brands on the market offer budget and professional engine stand packed with different features. So, how do you define which model would work better for you? Let’s figure this out together.

I would go through 5 popular engine stand models and review each of them so you could define which would meet your needs better. Besides, I would give some handy tips on selecting the right tool.

Our pick
best engine stand
Torin T26801
Best engine stand review
Rotating engine stand is constructed with heavy-duty steel, providing long term durability with an industrial luster.
Name Load capacity Rotation Folding frame Review
Torin T26801best overall 1500 lbs yes yes Review
Torin T23401budget 750 lbs yes no Review
OTC 1726Apremium 1000 lbs yes no Review

Best engine stand reviews

Torin T26801 – best overall

Torin T26801

Big Red Torin T26801 engine stand is a robust stainless steel construction that can hold up to 3/4 ton (1,500 lb) load. It means that you can use it for ordinary and heavy motors.

Unlike the T23401 Torin stand with three wheels, this construction boasts five wheels in total, two of which are fixed, and the rest are 360-degree swivel casters for added maneuverability and stability.

The quick folding mechanism of this device allows you to save space when you do not use the engine stand. It’s easy to put together, but the tabs might prevent the plastic drip tray from fitting correctly. Also, you might figure out that the frame doesn’t sit squarely on the ground.

Torin T26801 other view

You can easily fix it by welding the arm of the foldable section onto the mount by yourself. The mounting head comes with adjustable arms that deliver 360-degree rotation, so you will always access the desired area of the engine.

But what is more important is that this engine stand doesn’t show any signs of wear or failure. It keeps doing its job even over time, making Torin T26801 the best engine stand.

Key specs

  • Load capacity, lbs: 1500
  • Rotation: yes
  • Folding frame: yes


  • Load capacity – 1,500 lb to lift even heavy engines
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • A foldable construction for saving space in your workshop or garage
  • Rotating mounting head for better access to engine parts.


  • The frame might not sit squarely on the ground
  • Might be challenging to assemble the foldable construction in some cases.

Torin T23401 – budget

Torin T23401

The Big Red Torin T23401 rotating stand is made of heavy-duty steel that delivers incredible longevity and superior reliability.

This construction securely holds most engine blocks and features a 3/8 ton (750 lb) load capacity. The Torin T23401 is less stable than the Torin T26801 because it has only three wheels (one of them is the swivel type), so it is suitable for smaller engines. I received a single-bolt caster instead of a 4-bolt one, which has significantly impacted the construction’s longevity. I do not recommend moving the stand with an engine attached as you may damage the wheels.

Torin T23401 other view

A mounting head has four adjustable arms and can be rotated in 360 degrees so you can easily get to the desired areas of the engine. The fold-free design means that you can’t fold up the construction to save space in your workshop.

The instructions are clear, so it’s fairly easy to put the stand together. Even though it’s a cheap engine stand, it can help you out in your DIY projects when you do not have to deal with heavy engines.

Key specs

  • Load capacity, lbs: 750
  • Rotation: yes
  • Folding frame: no


  • Made of stainless steel for enhanced durability
  • The load capacity is 3/8 ton (750 lb) for small engines
  • Comes with three wheels, one of them is rotating
  • An adjustable mounting head to get to any motor area.


  • The wheels may fail if you move the stand with the engine attached
  • You can’t fold it for saving space in your garage
  • Comes with a single-bolt caster instead of a 4-bolt one.

OTC 1726A – premium

OTC 1726A
The OTC 1726A stand will ensure effortless car and light truck engine rebuilding or repair for amateur and experienced mechanics.

By featuring the heavy gauge material, this stand holds 1,000 load capacity allowing you to repair a wide range of motors. Thanks to the square wheel placement (there are four wheels in this unit), the construction is stable. Two rear wheels reliably lock the stand in place to avoid any accidents.

Similar to the JEGS 80059 stand, the OTC 1726A item also has four adjustable arms that ensure easy and fast engine mounting. It’s easy to rotate and move the motor around using a handle. Secure the position with a pin to reach the desired areas more conveniently.

But keep in mind that the announced grade 5 hardware doesn’t meet the quality standards. The welds are garbage, and I upgraded them to grade 8 for desired reliability. It won’t take much effort to assemble or disassemble the stand due to the one-bolt construction on the condition you get all the parts in the pack. Some of mine were missing because the box was destroyed.

The OTC 1726A heavy-duty rotating engine stand is a good choice for mechanics striving to get premium-quality equipment for tackling their daily tasks.

Key specs

  • Load capacity, lbs: 1000
  • Rotation: yes
  • Folding frame: no


  • 1,000 lb load capacity for cars and truck engines
  • Adjustable arms for easier motor mounting
  • A comfy handle to rotate the engine
  • 4 wheels make the construction stable.


  • The hardware doesn’t look as sturdy as described
  • Some parts are missing because of heavy box damage.

JEGS 80059

JEGS 80059

The JEGS 80059 rotating engine stand is a robust construction announced to lift the engine up to 1,000 lb.

Its adjustable mounting head accommodates most engines and allows you to regulate the angle for easier access to definite parts of the motor. It’s easy to rotate the engine – there is no need to remove pins or adjust bolts. When you stop rotating the head, it will self-lock itself as you stop turning the handle.

As you see, it looks similar to OTC 1726A, but there are some differences. Firstly, the JEGS 80059 stand folds for easy storage. It also has a reinforcement in the body to deliver a more stable and balanced use.

JEGS 80059 other view

The welding in this unit doesn’t look reliable. Because of the poor quality welding, the stand can hardly hold the announced weight. Bolts and the plate also bend under heavyweight. Another issue – the bolt holes on the folding hinge do not match the metal straps for support. So, in fact, you’ve got to make extra holes to use the stand safely.

This 4 wheel engine stand with two locking swivel casters can be a good enhancement to the toolkit of mechanic amateurs who are not planning to lift engines rather than the ones of ordinary cars.

Key specs

  • Load capacity, lbs: 1000
  • Rotation: yes
  • Folding frame: yes


  • A foldable construction for easy storage
  • Easy to move around and rotate the mounted engine
  • The reinforcement in the body for more stability.


  • Poor quality welding on all the parts
  • The 1,000 lb capacity limit is way less
  • Some bolt holes do not align with other parts.

Performance Tool W41025

Performance Tool W41025

The heavy-duty Performance Tool W41025 engine stand is made of rugged, heavy-gauge materials, making it suitable for any tough tasks.

By sharing the same load capacity with JEGS 80059 and OTC 1726A (1,000 lb), the Performance Tool W41025 stand is suitable for many foreign and domestic engine blocks. Thanks to four wheels, two of which are swivel casters, you can move the stand around. But the wheels do not roll well from time to time, especially with the mounted engine.

Performance Tool W41025 other view

The head of the item rotates 360 degrees and locks in 6 positions. The holes for the pin do not line up as you turn the arbor, making it hard to secure the motor in the desired position. Unfortunately, this is not a foldable stand, so make sure you have enough space for it in your garage when you do not use it.

I would rather refer to the Performance Tool W41025 to small engine stands. While it works great for 4-cylinder engines, it might be risky to use it with heavier motors.

Key specs

  • Load capacity, lbs: 1000
  • Rotation: yes
  • Folding frame: no


  • Made of heavy materials for long-term use
  • The head rotates 360-degrees and locks in 6 positions
  • Four wheels allow you to move the stand around.


  • No way to fold the stand for easier storage
  • Wheels do not roll well sometimes
  • The pinholes do not always align.

Engine stand buying guide

Engine stand load capacity

As you are considering motor stands, you’ve got to pay close attention to the maximum weight capacity as it would define what amount of weight you will be able to place on the stand.

An engine of a typical car is around 500 pounds, so you will probably do with a stand that can hold up to 750 pounds. If you require a more heavy-duty item that would hold more weight, you can select more advanced options that would allow you to place around 1,500 pounds.

Folding frame

Engine stands are not small. If you would like to save space in your workshop or garage, you’d better consider a folding engine stand. Usually, the legs or the frame fold up and become a much smaller unit, which can be easily stored when not in use.

Motor stand wheels

Engine rebuild stands come with wheels that ensure that the tool is well-balanced and safe to use. Besides, wheels allow you to get the stand into the desired position and move it around even when the engine is mounted.

Motor strands come with three to six wheels defining the level of flexibility and maneuverability. Three-wheeled stands are suitable for small engines as they might be unstable. Stands with four wheels are the most common as they offer great weight distribution and are less likely to tip over. Devices with six wheels will give you peace of mind and would be especially beneficial for heavy-duty motors.


What bolts for an engine stand?

As an engine stand is made of steel and in case of use in a garage it should be strong enough, I recommend buying bolts with diameter 4-5 mm.

How do you attach a motor to an engine stand?

To put the engine on the stand you will need bolts, washers, and nuts that fit the engine stand.

Usually, I use old bolts if they are long enough or buy new ones. When mounting an engine, I do not tighten bolts firmly because moving the motor with a wrench is still necessary.

Can you start an engine on an engine stand?

This is possible but not recommended as the engine has no fasteners that hold it from the bottom. In addition, if you start a running engine on an engine stand, it will be difficult to keep it stable and may even fall over.

Do engine stands come with bolts?

Engine stands usually come with bolts, and you can also buy them separately.

It is advisable to check the compatibility of different elements before buying.

Where do you mount an engine to stand?

If the bolts are compatible, you can mount an engine to stand almost anywhere. I recommend using a place where there is enough space so that it does not fall over during work.

Are engine stands universal?

Yes, engine stands are universal, and it is possible to mount engines of any type to them.

Some manufacturers recommend using their products for specific models only, but I think it will be OK if you tighten bolts well.

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